Grade 7

Standard 2: Students shall apply knowledge of concepts, principals, strategies and tactics related to movement and performance.

A. Movement Concepts

S1.G7.A.1 Reduces open space by using locomotor movements in combination with movement concepts.
S1.G7.A.2 Executes at least 2 of the following offensive tactics to create open space: uses a variety of passes, pivots and fakes; give and go.
S1.G7.A.3 Reduces open space on defense by staying close to the opponent as he she nears the goal.
S1.G7.A.4 Reduces open space by not allowing the catch (denial) or anticipating the speed of the object and person for the purpose of interception or deflection.
S1.G7.A.5 Transitions from offense to defense or defense to offense by recovering quickly and communicating with teammates.

B. Net and Wall Games

S1.G7.B.1 Creates open space in net or wall games with a long-handled implement by varying force and direction, and by moving opponent from side to side.
S1.G7.B.2 Selects offensive shot based on opponent’s location.

C. Target Games

S1.G7.C.1 Varies the speed and/or trajectory of the shot based on location of the object in relation to the target.

D. Fielding and Striking Game

S1.G7.D.1 Uses a variety of shots to hit to open space.
S1.G7.D.2 Selects the correct defensive play based on the situation.

E. Individual-performance activities, Dance and Rhythms

S1.G7.E.1 None

F. Outdoor Pursuits

S1.G7.F.1 Analyzes an activity and makes adjustments to ensure the safety of self and others.