Grade 7

Standard 1: Students shall demonstrate competency in a variety of motor skills and movement patterns.

A. Dance and Rhythms

S1.G7.A.1 Demonstrates correct rhythm and pattern for one dance form.

B. Invasion and Field Games

S1.G7.B.1 Throws with a mature pattern for distance or power appropriate to the activity in a dynamic environment.
S1.G7.B.2 Catches with a mature pattern from a variety of trajectories using different objects in small-sided game play.
S1.G7.B.3 Passes and receives with feet in combination with locomotor patterns of running and change of direction and speed, with competency, in invasion games.
S1.G7.B.4 Throws, while moving, a leading pass to a moving receiver.
S1.G7.B.5 Executes at least 1 of the following designed to create open space during small-sided game play: pivots, fakes, jab steps.
S1.G7.B.6 Performs the following offensive skills with defensive pressure: pivot, give and go, and fakes.
S1.G7.B.7 Dribbles with dominant and non-dominant hands using a change of speed and direction in a variety of practice tasks.
S1.G7.B.8 Foot-dribbles or dribbles with an implement combined with passing in a variety of practice tasks
S1.G7.B.9 Shoots on goal with power and accuracy in small-sided game play.
S1.G7.B.10 Slides in all directions while on defense without crossing feet.

C. Net and Wall Games

S1.G7.C.1 Strikes with a mature overhand pattern in a dynamic environment for net or wall games.
S1.G7.C.2 Demonstrates the mature form of forehand and backhand strokes with a long-handled implement in net games.
S1.G7.C.3 Transfers weight with correct timing using low to high striking pattern with a short-handled implement on the forehand side.
S1.G7.C.4 Forehand- and backhand-volleys with a mature form and control using a short handled implement.
S1.G7.C.5 Two-hand volleys with control in a dynamic environment.

D. Target Games

S1.G7.D.1 Executes consistently a mature throwing pattern for target games.
S1.G7.D.2 Strikes, with an implement, a stationary object for accuracy and distance.

E. Fielding and Striking Games

S1.G6.E.1 SStrikes a pitched ball with an implement to open space in a variety of practice tasks.
S1.G6.E.2 Catches, with a mature pattern, from different trajectories using a variety of objects in small-sided game play.

F. Outdoor Pursuits

S1.G7.F.1 Demonstrates correct technique for a variety of skills in 1 self-selected outdoor activity.

G. Individual Performance Activities

S1.G7.G.1 Demonstrates correct technique for a variety of skills in 1 self-selected individual-performance activity.s