State Curriculum - Health

Grade 8
Standard 1.0 Mental and Emotional Health: Students will demonstrate the ability to use mental and emotional health knowledge, skills, and strategies to enhance wellness.
A. Communication
1. Recognize and apply effective communication skills.
a. Analyze barriers to effective communication.
b. Utilize/model strategies to overcome barriers when communicating information, ideas, emotions, and opinions.
c. Evaluate effective communication in everyday situations.
C. Components of Personal Well-being
1. Apply the components of personal well-being to develop lifelong wellness skills and strategies.
a. Explain the importance of assuming responsibilities of personal health behavior.
b. Compose a personal health goal and measure progress towards its achievement.
c. Devise a plan that addresses personal strengths, needs, and health risks.
I. Personal Goals
1. Implement a strategy and evaluate progress toward achieving personal goals.
a. Identify the importance of setting goals.
b. Explain how changing information, abilities, priorities, and responsibilities influence personal goals.
c. Evaluate strategies, skills and resources that are used to achieve personal goals.
d. Develop a goal to adopt, maintain or improve a personal wellness habit.
e. Construct a plan to achieve a personal wellness goal.
J. Mental Illness, Depression , Suicide
1. Identify potential destructive behaviors.
a. Identify warning signs of depression , suicide and/or other destructive behaviors.
b. Identify resources that address depression and suicide .
c. Examine suicide prevention strategies.