State Standard - Health

Grade 4
Standard 1.0 Mental and Emotional Health: Students will demonstrate the ability to use mental and emotional health knowledge, skills, and strategies to enhance wellness.
A. Communication
1. Recognize effective communication skills.
a. Identify verbal and non-verbal methods of communication.
b. Demonstrate healthy ways to communicate needs, wants, emotions, opinions, and information.
B. Emotions
1. Describe how emotions influence behaviors.
a. Demonstrate the ability to modify emotional responses.
b. Compare helpful and harmful emotional responses.
C. Components of Personal Well-being
1. Summarize the components that promote personal well-being.
a. Describe components of personal well-being, identified as spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional/mental, social, and environmental.
b. Relate components of personal well-being to personal life situations and why they are important.
c. Explore ways community, family, and school contribute to liking self.
D. Decision Making
1. Examine the steps in the decision-making process.
a. Explain how decisions are influenced by individuals, families, and communities.
b. Compare variations of the decision-making process.
E. Character Traits
1. Utilize strategies to demonstrate care, consideration, and respect for self and others.
a. Develop strategies for making and keeping friends.
F. Stress
1. Recognize the factors associated with Stress experienced in the community.
a. Identify sources of Stress in the community.
b. Describe ways to manage social stressors.
c. Model effective strategies for Stress management.