State Standard - Health

Grade 3
Standard 1.0 Mental and Emotional Health: Students will demonstrate the ability to use mental and emotional health knowledge, skills, and strategies to enhance wellness.
A. Communication
1. Recognize different types of communication skills.
a. Practice verbal and non-verbal methods of communication.
B. Emotions
1. Recognize that emotions come from basic needs.
a. Relate human needs to human emotions.
C. Components of Personal Well-being
1. Identify the components to promote personal well-being.
a. Identify and describe the emotional and physical human needs, such as shelter, food, water , and love.
b. Identify and describe human social needs.
c. Describe the social needs addressed by belonging to a group.
d. Recognize the feelings of being excluded from a group.
D. Decision Making
1. Examine the steps of the decision-making process
a. Compare the difference between positive and negative consequences in age appropriate situations.
E. Character Traits
1. Identify positive and negative character traits that contribute to one’s uniqueness.
a. Select and model strategies to incorporate positive character traits.
F. Stress
1. Recognize the factors associated with Stress experienced in school.
a. Describe examples of school stressors.
b. Discuss symptoms of Stress .
c. Apply strategies to reduce Stress in school.