State Curriculum - Health

Grade 2
Standard 1.0 Mental and Emotional Health: Students will demonstrate the ability to use mental and emotional health knowledge, skills, and strategies to enhance wellness.
A. Communication
1. Recognize appropriate methods of communication.
a. Identify methods of communication appropriate for specific situations.
b. Demonstrate appropriate methods of communication.
B. Emotions
1. Examine emotions and responses to various situations.
a. Demonstrate the meaning of emotion.
b. Categorize other words that mean happy, upset, calm, and surprised.
C. Components of well being
1. Identify components to promote personal well-being.
a. Name two cooperation skills.
b. Predict what it feels like to work cooperatively with others in a group.
D. Decision Making
1. Identify choices available in order to make a decision.
a. Choose factors that influence making decisions.
E. Character Traits
1. Identify positive and negative character traits contributing to one’s uniqueness.
a. Describe positive character traits of friends.
b. Explain how being a good friend demonstrates positive character.
c. Identify positive and negative traits of characters in media.
F. Stress
1. Recognize the factors associated with Stress experienced in the family.
a. Describe examples of family stressors.
b. Demonstrate reactions to stressful situations.
c. Identify Stress management skills and strategies.