School Improvement in Maryland

Monitor Student Progress

The only way for teachers and schools to identify which students can demonstrate proficiency on state content standards is to continuously assess and monitor students as part of their classroom instruction. Teachers must know on a day to day basis where their students are in relation to the content standards to have the necessary information to inform instruction. Schools have to identify the student achievement data they need to collect to determine if they are making progress toward the attainment of their priority goals.

Lessons Learned from School Teams

Under the leadership of Title I director, Chris Richardson, principals in 18 Title I schools in Montgomery County have been engaged in the process of developing monitoring plans for individual student progress on their school improvement goals. Under the leadership of Title I Director Chris Richardson, school leadership teams have been working through a process of determining what they need to monitor, how frequently, and how they will use the data to inform instruction and staff development. The following monitoring plans and discussions might be useful to other schools trying to develop similar monitoring plans for classroom level data.

Discussion of Monitoring Plans with Title I Leadership Teams

Gaithersburg Elementary School

Pine Crest Elementary School

Harmony Hills Elementary School

Kemp Mill Elementary School