School Improvement in Maryland

Monitor Student Progress

The only way for teachers and schools to identify which students can demonstrate proficiency on state content standards is to continuously assess and monitor students as part of their classroom instruction. Teachers must know on a day to day basis where their students are in relation to the content standards to have the necessary information to inform instruction. Schools have to identify the student achievement data they need to collect to determine if they are making progress toward the attainment of their priority goals.

Resources for Monitoring Student Progress

Using Classroom Data to Monitor Student Progress is a PowerPoint presentation that leads staff through the logic of how standards-based reform has created the need for teachers to monitor student progress.

Identify Data to Be Used in Monitoring provides planning templates created as a stimulus for discussing how best to monitor individual student progress on selected indicators.

Create data collection templates provides a tool to create a customized grade book to monitor selected indicators taught during a unit or a grading quarter. You can also download the Excel spreadsheets onto your desktop to further customize or graph data.

Lessons Learned from School Teams is an audio about what Title I leadership teams learned from implementing monitoring tools.

How Classroom Assessments Improve Learning by Thomas R. Guskey in the February 2003 issue of Educational Leadership argues that the assessments most likely to improve student achievement are those that teachers create.

Inside the Black Box: Raising Standards Through Classroom Assessment by Paul Black and Dylan Wiliam in the Phi Delta Kappan argues that there is firm evidence showing that formative assessment is an essential component of classroom work and that its development can raise standards of achievement.

Developing a Monitoring Plan is a workshop for principals and school leaders to learn how to develop and present a monitoring plan.

Monitoring Student Progress provides additional resources for developing and using monitoring plans.