School Improvement in Maryland

Implement the Action Plan

Key Actions

  • Map out calendar of activities.
  • Develop a communication plan to ensure that all staff and stakeholders understand the school improvement plan and their role in attaining school goals.

Key Questions

  • Do all staff and stakeholders understand the school improvement goals?
  • Do all staff understand what they are expected to do?
  • Is the implementation schedule reasonable?
  • How do we ensure that the entire staff is implementing the plan?
  • What data should we collect to determine our progress?

Once the action plan has been created, the school improvement team needs to make sure the implementation plan is doable. The school team needs to create a master calendar and map out the time frame for each activity to ensure that it is reasonable. It is also imperative, if the school improvement plan and process are to be effective, that all members of the school community are aware of the direction and future envisioned and the role you are expecting staff to play.

At the beginning of implementation, clear expectations need to be given and any questions addressed. For example, if middle school teachers are being asked to monitor student performance on reading for information in their classrooms across two quarters, they will need to know from the beginning what they are expected to do, when it needs to be done and how they will be assisted in meeting those expectations. The team and the staff need to know what evidence you will accept that expectations are being met in their classrooms. It is critical to "set the stage" if the implementation is to be successful.