School Improvement in Maryland

Key Actions Checklist

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Key Actions Checklist Table
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Analyzing the Data

 Analyze your AYP data..
 Analyze your MSA and/or HSA data..
 Identify questions your data raised..
 Identify priority needs to address in the school improvement plan..

Clarifying the Problem

 Collect additional data about your instructional program based on key instructional processes..
 Hypothesize root causes and contributing factors for why your data looks like it does..
 Collect evidence to prove or disprove selected hypotheses..
 Identify a small number of high-impact causes to address in the school improvement plan..

Create your Action Plan

 Identify annual objectives for the new school improvement plan..
 Identify what evidence you will accept as attainment of the objective..
 Based on your problem clarification findings, choose the strategies that you will implement to address your problem..
 Identify what data you will collect to monitor progress toward the goal..
 Identify activities that will support the strategy..
 Identify people responsible for implementing strategies, collecting the assessment data, and monitoring overall progress..
 Identify staff development that staff need to implement the strategies..

Implementing your Action Plan

 Map out calendar of activities..
 Develop a communication plan to ensure that all staff and stakeholders understand the school improvement plan and their role in attaining school goals..

Monitor your Action Plan

 Systematically and regularly collect and analyze data to assess whether progress toward attainment of objectives is satisfactory..
 Decide whether revisions to the plan are needed..

Act on Needed Changes

 Decide what changes are needed.
 Communicate progress and any needed changes..