School Improvement in Maryland

Toolkit for a Data-Driven Culture

This section includes tools for school leaders and team members to use in preparing teachers for the most effective use of the Classroom-Focused Improvement Process. It includes a PowerPoint presentation, handouts, and needs assessment tools for use in:

  • Determining staff beliefs about the assessment process and the value of using data as a major driver of school progress
  • Introducing to the staff the rationale for and the background of the Classroom-Focused Improvement Process (CFIP)
  • Determining your school's readiness to implement CFIP effectively
  • Analyzing your school's capacity to improve and to act on your findings
  • Identifying sources of data to use with CFIP
  • Sharing sample templates that teams might produce as a result of CFIP meetings
  • Answering frequently-asked questions about CFIP
  • Assessing your school's progress in the implementation of CFIP after a year or two of its use


The following are samples of templates that teams might produce after one or more CFIP sessions. While they are not perfect, these templates are close to the "gold standard." Teams should strive for this level of concreteness and specificity, but should not expect it early in the process of using the CFIP protocol.

Templates may be completed as the CFIP session is progressing or following the meeting and then forwarded via e-mail to the participants and administrators.