School Improvement in Maryland

Teacher Induction Program

Building a Teaching Force for the 21st Century

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The purpose of the MSDE Teacher Induction Program is to create a comprehensive, coherent program that addresses the critical needs of new teachers, improves instructional quality, and helps inductees succeed in their initial assignments, resulting in higher retention of effective teachers in the profession. Maryland will provide a comprehensive, high-quality induction program for new teachers in every school district.

The State Board of Education approved regulations in April 2010 that establish a comprehensive teacher induction program that includes: (1) an orientation program; (2) support from a mentor; (3) observation and co-teaching opportunities; (4) professional development; (5) formative review of new teacher performance; (6) induction program staff; (7) participation by all new teachers; (8) reduced workload for new teachers and mentors, to the extent practical, given fiscal and staffing concerns; and (9) an evaluation model. Beginning no later than the 2011—12 school year, all new teachers must participate in the program until they achieve tenure, and veteran teachers new to a school district must participate for one year.

What Participants Have Said

  • "This is very affirming that we are on the right track." Mentor trainer
  • "I appreciated the focus on analysis of student work." Mentors, program coordinators
  • "The collaborative assessment logs and conversation guides help deepen knowledge of students." Instructor of new teacher classes
  • "Conferencing, observation, differentiation and protocols were terrific." District office staff