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2014 Summer Academy

The Maryland State Department of Education and the New Teacher Center hosted the fourth Teacher Induction Academy June 24-26, 2014 at Hunt Valley Inn in Baltimore, MD. Approximately two hundred and fifty Induction Coordinators and teacher mentors from around the state of Maryland met to gain knowledge and skills in mentoring teachers. For the 2014 Academy, only participants who had never attended an academy before were invited in order to build capacity and fill knowledge gaps across all counties. It included a customized experience “Mentoring for the Common Core: Reaching All Students” with: culturally responsive teaching, knowing your students, social emotional learning and technology tools/protocols for success. In addition, a new strand was added for Induction Coordinators, with differentiation to provide resources to meet the needs of new Induction Coordinators.

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Participants' Feedback

  • "This is by far the best professional development I have experienced. I'm excited to infuse a lot of new goodies into my work this coming year."
  • "I'm ready to apply coaching for equity: using coaching language to confront inequity in schools."
  • "Thanks so much for an enjoyable 3 days. I love your personal interjections and ideas. Would like longer times to collaborate and discuss but we are teachers and probably would go on forever."
  • "Using the Collaborative Assessment Log and Analysis of Student Work tools made this a truly transformative conference experience."
  • "Analysis of student work will be helpful to all my teachers not just the new ones!"
  • "This information is good for mentors, mentees, conference with parents etc. Love the tools and ideas. I can't wait to implement!"
  • Thank you for being flexible and encouraging us to have courageous conversations."