School Improvement in Maryland

Teacher Induction Program

Building a Teaching Force for the 21st Century

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2011 Summer Academy

The Maryland State Department of Education Teacher Induction Program partnered with The New Teacher Center (NTC) to ensure the Teacher Induction Program has the highest impact on student learning and teacher effectiveness. Summer academies, the first of which was held August 2-4, 2011, were a major part of the professional development. At the first Teacher Induction Academy, MSDE and NTC provided professional development to two hundred and twenty-four program leaders and teacher mentors from across the state. New teacher mentors focused on instructional mentoring, including analyzing student work. Participants were introduced to the formative assessment systems or FAS tools developed by NTC to use in mentor conversations. These tools included, the classroom profile, the collaborative assessment log (CAL), selective scripting, analyzing student work and the lesson plan. Program leaders studied NTC’s Program Theory of Action and were introduced to NTC’s Induction Program Standards and the FAS tools. Additionally, program leaders participated in the content pieces developed for mentors, but through a program leader lens.

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Participants' Feedback

  • "This is very affirming that we are on the right track." Mentor trainer
  • "I appreciated the focus on analysis of student work." Mentors, program coordinators
  • "The collaborative assessment logs and conversation guides help deepen knowledge of students." Instructor of new teacher classes
  • "Conferencing, observation, differentiation and protocols were terrific." District office staff
  • "Receiving the TELL survey was an excellent idea." Induction program manager
  • "Great sessions! Very valuable information presented by professional specialists obviously trained in adult learning theory." New teacher mentor
  • "Using mentor language for conferencing with new teachers was exceptional." Induction program coordinators and mentors