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Standard 1.0 Political Science

Topic C. Protecting Rights and Maintaining Order

Indicator 2. Explain how the United States government protected or failed to protect the rights of individuals and groups

Objective c. Examine the use of Presidential power in Lincoln's suspension of the writ of habeas corpus

Brief Constructed Response (BCR) Item

Using one of the links referenced in the resources section for this objective, show the students a newspaper editorial or political cartoon that either supported or opposed Lincoln’s decision to suspend habeas corpus. Direct students to draft a counterargument in response to the position taken in the primary source.


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Selected Response Item

During wartime, the writ of habeas corpus can be suspended in some areas allowing the arrest and holding of persons without charging them with a specific crime.

Based on this event, which of these conclusions is accurate?

  1. The President lacks significant power during times of war.
  2. The military must provide constitutional protections.
  3. Citizens may lose some civil rights during emergencies.
  4. The Supreme Court must rule on presidential actions.

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