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Standard 1.0 Political Science

Topic B. Individual and Group Participation in the Political System

Indicator 1. Analyze the influence of individuals and groups on shaping public policy

Objective c. Examine the roles and functions of political parties in the American system of government

Brief Constructed Response (BCR) Item

Have the students respond to the following brief constructed response prompt:

Based on your analysis of primary sources, what roles do political parties play in the U.S. political system? How have these roles changed since the 1800’s? How have they remained the same?


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Selected Response Item

2010 NAEP Civics Item:

The following question refers to the Voter Declaration of Party Affiliation card below.

Why would a person most likely want to become a member of a political party?

  1. To become eligible to run for public office
  2. To take part in choosing the party’s candidates for public office
  3. To be allowed to take part in local elections
  4. To be able to attend party conventions and caucuses

Correct Answer:

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