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Standard 1.0 Political Science

Topic A. The Foundations and Function of Government

Indicator 2. Analyze the impact of historic documents and practices that became the foundations of the American political system during the early national period

Objective f. Describe the development of political parties and their effects on elections and political life

Brief Constructed Response (BCR) Item

Have the students write letters, editorials, or blog posts in response to a proposal for a constitutional amendment that would ban all political parties from American governance.


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Selected Response Item

1998 NAEP Civics Item:

Congress has been able to expand the powers of the federal government based largely on its authority to

  1. coin money
  2. govern the District of Columbia
  3. declare war
  4. make all laws necessary to perform its duties

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2010 NAEP U.S. History Item:

People from which of the following occupational groups were most likely to support Thomas Jefferson’s Democratic-Republican Party?

  1. Merchants
  2. Industrial manufacturers
  3. Bankers
  4. Owners of small farms

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