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Standard 5.0 History

Topic C. Conflict between Ideas and Institutions

Indicator 5. Analyze factors affecting the outcome of the Civil War

Objective b. Analyze the ideological breakdown that resulted from different events and issues, such as Virginia-Kentucky resolutions, the Hartford Convention, nullification/states' rights, political party division, the Dred Scott decision, John Brown raids

Resource Links
Virginia Resolutions of 1798.
Kentucky Resolutions of 1798.
Hartford Convention’s resolutions and proposed amendments to the Constitution.
Brief article summarizing the Hartford Convention.
Article on growing sectional tensions during the Jacksonian era and the Nullification Crisis
1832 proclamation by Jackson about the Nullification Crisis
1832 speech by Governor Robert Hayne that presents South Carolina’s view of the Nullification Crisis
Extensive site on the Webster-Hayne debates over nullification, including the full text and paraphrases of the speeches.
Clear, concise chart that outlines the positions of the Federalists and Democratic-Republicans on major issues.
Excerpts from the Dred Scott case decision.
Series of primary source documents related to the Dred Scott decision.
Northern and Southern newspaper articles reacting to the Dred Scott decision.
Northern and Southern newspaper articles reacting to the John Brown raid on Harper’s Ferry.
Summary of John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry.
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