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Using the State Curriculum: Social Studies, Grade 8

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Standard 5.0 History

Topic C. Conflict between Ideas and Institutions

Indicator 3. Analyze the influence of industrialization and technological developments on society in the United States before 1877

Objective a. Describe changes in land and water transportation, including the expanding network of roads, canals, and railroads, and their impact on the economy and settlement patterns

Resource Links
Terrific interactive map that charts the growth of road, canal, and railroad networks to 1860
National Archives lesson plan on transportation networks, regional interdependence, and sectional divisions
Railroad maps, 1828-1900, from the Library of Congress
Information about Maryland’s C&O Canal
Brief history of the Erie Canal, from the State of New York
University of Rochester history students’ project on the Erie Canal
Maryland Archives' Web page offers a brief history of the National Road, primary sources, and a lesson plan.
Essay that includes information on the C&O Canal, National Road, and B&O Railroad
Resources for Objective 5.C.3.a:
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