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Using the State Curriculum: Social Studies, Grade 8

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Standard 5.0 History

Topic C. Conflict between Ideas and Institutions

Indicator 1. Examine and explain the role of religious, social and political institutions in America at the end of the American Revolution

Objective b. Describe the evolution of the American system of government from a confederal to a federal system of government

Resource Links
The first several paragraphs of this letter from Thomas Jefferson to James Madison provide Jefferson’s views on Shays’ Rebellion.
This is a good website that includes other resources as well as lesson plans for teachers to use for a unit on “Liberty! The American Revolution.”
Complete text of the Federalist Papers.
Collection of Anti-Federalist Papers.
Links to lesson plans related to the Constitution.
Creating the United States, from the Library of Congress. Online exhibition offers commentary and documents related to creation of the founding documents.
“Shay’s Rebellion and the Making of a Nation” Web page, sponsored by Springfield (MA) Technical Community College. Excellent interactive guide to Shay’s Rebellion.
Resources for Objective 5.C.1.b:
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