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Using the State Curriculum: Social Studies, Grade 8

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Standard 5.0 History

Topic B. Emergence, Expansion and Changes in Nations and Empires

Indicator 3. Evaluate westward movement in the United States before 1877

Objective a. Explain the political, economic, and social factors that motivated people to move west

Resource Links
This website features five interlocking lessons that explore the hardships involved in moving a family westward.
This lesson provides primary sources and other resources to assist students in writing the script for a “movie scene” about an incident on the Oregon Trail.
Search portal offers a variety of links helpful in teaching westward expansion
Offers a variety of resources, primary sources, and images related to westward expansion
Offers a long list of lesson seeds and links to primary sources and other resources on westward expansion
Three lessons complete with multiple primary source documents and student worksheets
Pioneering the Upper Midwest: Library of Congress Web page on settlement of Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin (1820 1910)
Library of Congress’s collection of historic railroad maps (1828 1900)
Trails to Utah and the Pacific (1846 1869) Library of Congress collection of diaries and letters of pioneers trekking westward
Resources for Objective 5.B.3.a:
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