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Standard 5.0 History

Topic B. Emergence, Expansion and Changes in Nations and Empires

Indicator 1. Analyze the growth and the development of the United States

Objective b. Evaluate Manifest Destiny and its impact on territorial expansion of the nation

Resource Links
Westward by Sea: A Maritime Perspective on Westward Expansion, from the Library of Congress
Link to several primary source documents related to westward expansion, on Web page devoted to PBS series, “The West”
National Archives Teaching with Documents lesson plan on the emergence of regionalism as a consequence of westward expansion
Online textbook account of Manifest Destiny
Offers links to a multitude of topics related to westward expansion'sullivan%22%201845%22
John O’Sullivan’s 1845 essay “Annexation” in which he popularizes the phrase “manifest destiny”
Excerpt from John O’Sullivan’s 1839 essay “The Great Nation of Futurity” that expresses the idea of American exceptionalism on which “Manifest Destiny” was based
Resources for Objective 5.B.1.b:
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