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Using the State Curriculum: Social Studies, Grade 8

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Standard 1.0 Political Science

Topic B. Individual and Group Participation in the Political System

Indicator 1. Analyze the influence of individuals and groups on shaping public policy

Objective a. Analyze the influence of the media on political life

Resource Links
“Media Education in the Social Studies” Web page, from the University of Texas School of Education. Contains essay explaining the importance of teaching students about the media, as well as links to lesson plans. The lesson plan under “African U.S. history and Media” tab links to Amistad lesson plan above, with additional activities and sample worksheets for student analysis of news articles.
“Milestones in the History of Media and Politics” timeline, from PBS show “Now.”
“Investigative Reporting Cycles in U.S. history.” Scholarly article features a history of “muckraking” in U.S. history since colonial days.
Front page for the Library of Congress’s “American Memory” project. Features extensive collections of newspaper accounts of events from early U.S. history.'s%20page.htm
Encyclopedia article on history of American newspapers, from New York University journalism professor Mitchell Stephens
Resources for Objective 1.B.1.a:
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