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Using the State Curriculum: Mathematics, Grade PK

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Prerequisite Skills: The prerequisite skills describe what concepts a student needs to understand before working on this concept.

Standard 4.0 Knowledge of Statistics

Topic A. Data Displays

Indicator 1. Explore and display data

Objective a. Explore data by answering a yes/no question

Prerequisite Skills

Prior to the answering of yes and no questions, students should be presented with many opportunities to develop the vocabulary used when making decisions (yes/no) and describing groups (big/little, more/less, long/short). Children's language development can be encouraged through thought provoking questions presented by the teacher.

As students are encouraged to share their ideas and extend their thinking, they will also become aware of what makes a good question as well as what it means to make a good choice. Students can also be encouraged to discuss their own choices as well as the choices of others, providing a backdrop for later comparisons. Finally, students should have some background in comparing groups of objects (these objects are the same/not the same and why) in order to prepare them for analyzing the data to be displayed during the lesson.

Resources for Objective 4.A.1.a:
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