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Using the State Curriculum: Mathematics, Grade K

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Prerequisite Skills: The prerequisite skills describe what concepts a student needs to understand before working on this concept.

Standard 1.0 Knowledge of Algebra, Patterns, and Functions

Topic A. Patterns and Functions

Indicator 2. Identify, copy, describe, create, and extend non-numeric patterns

Objective b. Represent and analyze repeating patterns using no more than 3 objects in the core of the pattern

Prerequisite Skills

Before students are able to copy and repeat patterns, experiences with sorting, classifying, and ordering must be done. Sorting activities allow young learners to isolate specific attributes while recognizing likenesses and differences among objects. For example, buttons may be sorted by a common color or shape or by the number of holes. Classifying provides learners with the opportunity to name the common or contrasting attributes of an object, such as buttons without a circular face or buttons with two colors.

Additionally, ordering objects is another skill which prepares students to copy and repeat patterns. Tasks that reinforce the skill of ordering may include the arrangement of objects from largest to smallest, sequencing daily events, and counting. Finally, songs and poems with a repetitive quality expose learners to the recursive nature of patterns through auditory experiences.

Resources for Objective 1.A.2.b:
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