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Lesson Seeds: The lesson seeds are ideas for the indicator/objective that can be used to build a lesson. Lesson seeds are not meant to be all-inclusive, nor are they substitutes for instruction.

Standard 5.0 History

Topic B. Emergence, Expansion and Changes in Nations and Empires

Indicator 4. Analyze patterns of immigration to the United States before 1877

Objective a. Identify the push and pull factors responsible for immigration to the United States, such as the forced migration of Africans and Western European migration

To explore the push and pull factors that fueled Irish immigration to the United States during the mid-1800s, have students read the lyrics to “Poor Pat Must Emigrate,” an Irish immigrant ballad, found at Next, have students investigate some of the push and pull factors influencing the immigration of other ethnic groups, such as the Germans, Chinese, or Scandinavians and work in pairs to write lyrics to a new immigration song for their chosen group, using the tune of a familiar song.

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