School Improvement in Maryland

Using the State Curriculum: Health Education, High School


Health Education

Standard 3 Personal and Consumer Health

Students will demonstrate the ability to use knowledge, skills, and strategies to develop sound personal and consumer health practices involving the use of health care products, services, and community resources.


A. Personal Health Maintenance


1. Evaluate and practice health enhancing behaviors and reduce health risks.


a. Evaluate how factors, such as culture, media, and peers, influence health information, perceptions, behaviors, and product and service selection.

b. Demonstrate the ability to access school and community health services for self and others.

c. Analyze situations requiring professional health services.

d. Examine the impact of technology, research and medical advances on personal, family, and community health.


B. Information, Products, and Services


1. Investigate resources that provide valid health information concerning consumer health issues and services.


a. Evaluate the validity, cost, and accessibility of health information, products, and services

b. Locate and utilize resources from home, school, community and technological sources that provide valid information concerning health issues, services, and careers.


D. Risk Factors and Behaviors


1. Evaluate risk factors and behaviors that contribute to the development of illness.


a. Identify the role played by each of the following in causing illness: family history, lifestyle choices, environment, and genetics.

b. Analyze influences that affect the cause and course of illness.

c. Determine a plan of action to reduce personal health risks and/or improve personal health through regular medical/dental check-ups, immunizations and screening (vision, hearing), diet and weight management, exercise and rest, and environmental exposure (loud music).