School Improvement in Maryland

Using the State Curriculum: Visual Arts, Grade 5


Perceiving and Responding: Aesthetic Education:

Visual Arts:

Standard 1.0 Perceiving and Responding: Aesthetic Education

Students will demonstrate the ability to perceive, interpret, and respond to ideas, experiences, and the environment through visual art.


  1. Analyze how physical qualities of people, animals, and objects are represented through the elements of art
  2. Compose and render from observation subject matter that shows 3-dimensional form, light and shadow, qualities of surface texture, detail, and spatial relationships


  • 2. Identify and compare ways in which selected artworks represent what people see, know, feel, and imagine
  1. Analyze and compare how artists express thematic ideas using art vocabulary
  2. Create and describe thematic artworks that communicate personal narratives


  1. Describe how artists use the elements of art and principles of design to organize visual compositions that convey personal thoughts and feelings
  2. Select and use principles of design to create compositions that clarify ideas and feelings for the viewer

August 25, 2008