State Standards - Social Studies

Grade 2
Standard 5.0 History: Students will use historical thinking skills to understand how individuals and events have changed society over time.
A. Individuals and Societies Change Over Time
1. Examine differences between past and present time
a. Develop a personal timeline in each students' life
b. Describe the relationship among events in a variety of timelines
2. Describe people, places and artifacts of today and long ago
a. Gather and interpret information about the past from informational sources and biographies
b. Collect and examine photographs of the past and compare with similar, current images, such as, photographs of modes of transportation and communication
B. Emergence, Expansion and Changes in Nations and Empires
C. Conflict between Ideas and Institutions


MSDE has developed a toolkit for these standards which can be found online at:


Date: 1/27/2015