State Standards - Social Studies

Grade PK
Standard 4.0 Economics: Students will identify the economic principles and processes that are helpful to producers and consumers when making good decisions.
A. Scarcity and Economic Decision-making
1. Recognize that people have to make choices because of unlimited economic wants
a. Identify that goods are things that people make or grow
b. Demonstrate the ability to make a choice
2. Identify that materials/resources are used to make products
a. Recognize that workers do jobs in the home and school
b. Participate in steps that are followed in making a product, such as a drawing, a block building, and a card for a friend or relative
3. Explain how technology affects the way people live, work, and play
a. Begin to be aware of technology and how it affects daily life, such as different ways to fasten shoes and different appliances to cook food
B. Economic Systems and the Role of Government in the Economy
1. Identify types of local markets
a. Identify markets as places where buyers and sellers meet
3. Identify how goods are acquired
a. Identify that coins and bills are money
b. Identify that money is used to buy goods


MSDE has developed a toolkit for these standards which can be found online at:


Date: 1/27/2015