State Standard - Social Studies

Grade 8
Standard 2.0 Peoples of the Nation and World: Student will understand the diversity and commonality, human interdependence, and global cooperation of the people of Maryland, the United States, and the World through a multicultural and a historic perspective.
A. Elements of Culture
1. Analyze how America became a diverse society
a. Describe the influence of religious tolerance and intolerance in the colonies
b. Describe how the colonies developed into diverse states reflecting various cultural elements
c. Explain the interaction of cultures in Antebellum America
B. Cultural Diffusion
1. Analyze how America continued to evolve into a society consisting of diverse cultures, customs, and traditions
a. Describe the effects of cultural exchange and interactions among Europeans, Africans, and Native Americans on the development of the United States
b. Examine how the diversity of the United States represents a blending of cultures and ideas from around the world
2. Describe how the increased diversity of American culture resulted from immigration, settlement, and economic development in the United States
a. Analyze consequences of immigration including assimilation, and Nativism
C. Conflict and Compromise
1. Analyze factors that affected relationships in the United States prior to 1877
a. Examine examples of conflict and compromise among different ethnic, religious, and gender groups
b. Describe how cultural, economic and political differences contributed to sectionalism
c. Describe various reform movements, such as abolition, women's rights, and education
d. Describe the effects of early industrialization on individuals and families


MSDE has developed a toolkit for these standards which can be found online at:


Date: 1/27/2015