State Standard - Social Studies

Grade 4
Standard 2.0 Peoples of the Nation and World: Student will understand the diversity and commonality, human interdependence, and global cooperation of the people of Maryland, the United States, and the World through a multicultural and a historic perspective.
A. Elements of Culture
1. Describe the various cultures of early societies of Maryland
a. Define how culture influences people
b. Describe the social, political and religious character of the earliest colonies
c. Examine and describe the unique and diverse cultures of early native American societies
d. Compare the early cultures of the Native Americans with the European settlers and their influences on each other
B. Cultural Diffusion
1. Analyze how Maryland society was influenced by the contributions of people and groups
a. Describe the contributions of past Maryland leaders
b. Describe the contribution of individuals and groups
2. Describe cultural characteristics of various groups of people in Maryland
a. Describe the similarities and differences of religious, ethnic, and economic groups in colonial and contemporary times
b. Site example of how various cultures borrow and share traditions
C. Conflict and Compromise
1. Evaluate how various perspectives of Marylanders can cause compromise and/or conflict
a. Describe the differing historical conflicts such as between the Patriots and Loyalists
b. Investigate the causes of contemporary conflict and compromises


MSDE has developed a toolkit for these standards which can be found online at:


Date: 1/27/2015