State Standard - Social Studies

Grade PK
Standard 1.0 Political Science: Students will understand the historical development and current status of the democratic principles and the development of skills and attitudes necessary to become responsible citizens.
A. The Foundations and Function of Government
1. Identify the importance of rules
a. Recognize why people have rules at home and at school
b. Generate and follow classroom rules, such as taking turns, walking inside, and forming a line that promote order and safety in the classroom
2. Identify symbols and practices associated with the United States of America
a. Recognize symbols, such as the American flag
b. Recognize that the Pledge of Allegiance is a practice that happens in school
B. Individual and Group Participation in the Political System
1. Recognize people important to the American political system
a. Respond to informational text read aloud to develop an awareness of the contributions made by certain individuals that are remembered during the observance of national holidays and celebrations
C. Protecting Rights and Maintaining Order
1. Identify the roles, rights, and responsibilities of being a member of the family and school
a. Identify roles of family members
b. Identify the roles of members of the school, such as principal, teacher, and nurse
c. Identify and discuss rights, responsibilities and choices in the classroom and family


MSDE has developed a toolkit for these standards which can be found online at:


Date: 1/27/2015