School Improvement in Maryland


Grades K-8

How do you teach and assess the Content Standard Indicators?

Content Vocabulary

Instructional Activities for Political Systems
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MSDE Exemplars
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Model Lessons

Port of Baltimore Lesson Plans

Sultana Projects – John Smith Unit

How do you incorporate the teaching of reading in Social Studies?

Sample Social Studies Lesson
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How do you use historical investigations in social studies instruction?

Steps in an historical investigation

Sample historical investigations

Grade 3-5
Sweet Land of Liberty - Can the actions of individuals bring about social and political change? [MS WORD || PDF]

Grade 4
Indentured Servitude

Grade 4-5
Calvert the Raven: The Battle of Baltimore - How am I connected to those in the past? [MS WORD || PDF]
Charles Carroll of Carrollton's Purchase of English Goods
The First Citizen: Charles Carroll of Carrollton
Our Children Can Soar - Can an individual make a difference in history? [MS WORD || PDF]
What Were They Thinking?

Grade 5
I Declare!

Grade 6
Nubia: A Rival of Egypt?

Grade 7
Alexander the Great: Defining "Great"

Grade 8
Age of Progress: The Transcontinental Railroad

Middle School
Evidence of the First Emperor's Reign

High School
Abraham Lincoln and Emancipation
Jewish Immigration to Maryland [MS WORD || PDF]

Audio interviews

Bruce Van Sledright discusses how kids learn history
Marcie Taylor-Thoma discusses historical investigations
Jon Harper discusses his classroom investigations