School Improvement in Maryland
Science/Support Resources

NAEP on the Net
The Nation's Report Card for academic performance in grades 4, 8, and 12.

Museums and Other Educational Organizations

Appalachia Educational Lab (AEL)
AEL is a nonprofit, regionally oriented education research, development, and service institution. Its mission is to link the knowledge from research with the wisdom from practice to improve teaching and learning.
Exploratorium: ExploraNet
The Exploratorium is a collage of 650 science, art, and human perception exhibits. The Exploratorium is a leader in the movement to promote the museum as an educational center.
The Franklin Institute Science Museum
Collections, investigations, and activities for science students and teachers.
Maryland Science Center
On-site and school-based opportunities for hands-on, minds-on science for students and teachers.
Museum of Science, Boston
A virtual tour of the Boston Museum of Science.
This site provides a virtual tour of the National Air & Space Museum.
The Natural History Museum
An interactive site from the Natural History Museum. Provides information, galleries and interactive resources.
National Museum of Natural History - Smithsonian Institution
Provides exhibits and educational resources.


Explore Art, Science & History with Smithsonian Magazine
Main Menu @
Marine Science Online Magazine
New Scientist Magazine: Who we are
Science News Online - The Weekly Newsmagazine of Science
Science Magazine
Smithsonian Magazine: Explore Art, Science and History

Research in Education

Third International Math and Science Study (TIMSS)
The ASCD Web
The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development offers resources in pedagogy for educators.

Safety in Science Education

ASE Policy Statements : Revised January 1998
Association for Science Education policy statements on class size, learning, curriculum and others.
Environmental Health Information Service
Resources for science educators plus links to chemical health and safety databases.
Flinn Scientific-Home Page
Their section on safety in the science classroom is most informative.
Science Safety Manual ~ Maryland Public Schools
Developed by Maryland educators to guide safe investigations in science classrooms and laboratories.
Science Laboratories and Indoor Air Quality in Schools
This bulletin provides school personnel with an overview of some of the potential indoor air quality (IAQ) problems presented by science laboratories in schools.
Facilities Guidelines
Maryland Science facilities Design Guidelines are presented to help citizens, educators, facility planners and architects create facilities which are effective learning environments for science programs.

Science Institutes & Organizations

American Association for the Advancement of Science
Association for Science Education
CELLS alive!
Microscopic images of many types of cells.
Federal Resources for Educational Excellence - Home Page
Living Classrooms Foundation
On line and site-based resources for marine education.
Welcome to MdBio
MdBio, Inc. is a private, non-profit corporation that offers a variety of programs to advance the commercial development of bioscience in Maryland.
Home Page: Maryland DNR
Resources and educational programs on wildlife and plants, the Chesapeake Bay, public lands, fish and shellfish.
International Society for Technology in Education
The largest teacher-based, nonprofit organization in the field of educational technology.
Monterey Bay Aquarium
Marine education resources for students and teachers.
National Academy of Sciences
Current information on science, engineering and medicine.
Academy of Natural Sciences' Estuarine Research Center
A private, non-profit organization dedicated to investigating the complex interrelationships of aquatic ecosystems, particularly the Chesapeake Bay.
The National Aquarium in Baltimore
Resources, exhibits and outreach programs for students and teachers.
National Science Education Standards
Chapter 3, Science Teaching Standards.
Main Menu @
This is an online version of National Geographic providing some articles.
National Institute for Science Education
Publications, research and educational activities.
National Science Teachers Association
NSTA | Building a Presence for Science
A network of science educators to act as a resource for exemplary practices in teaching and learning.
Nutrient Data Laboratory Food Composition Data
Searchable database of food nutrients from the USDA.
Project 2061
"Benchmarks", "Blueprints", and "Science for All Americans" on line in addition to teaching and professional development resources.
Sea Grant News Media Center
Marine education news and resources.
SeaWorld/Busch Gardens Animal Information Database
A site providing information and images about all types of animals.
The Smithsonian Institution Home Page
A website providing various information and virtual tours of the Smithsonians.
The National Science Foundation
Promotes research and education in science and engineering.

Science Instruction

Access Excellence
Provides high school biology and life science teachers access to their colleagues, scientists, and critical sources of new scientific information.
BioEd Online
Biology Teacher Resources From Baylor College of Medicine
BioEd Online - K8 Science
K8 Biology Teacher Resources From Baylor College of Medicine
The Biology Project
An interactive resource for learning about biology concepts.
Biological Resources Division - U.S. Geological Survey
Blue Web'n Applications
Inquiry-Oriented activities where learners interact with the internet, evaluate information, and formulate a solution to a complex problem.
Chesapeake Bay Observing System (Frames)
Provides real-time data from in and around the Chesapeake Bay.
Clearinghouse for Science, Mathematics, and Environmental Education
A search tool for science and math teachers that allows you to search by topic for resources and activities.
DIY Glycolysis
Step-by-step tutorial of the process of glycolysis.
Discovery Channel School
A site providing various earth, life, and physical science lesson plans designed around T.V. programs aired on the Discovery Channel.
Doctor's Guide to the Internet - Doctor's Guide HomePage
edUniverse - Lesson Plans
Searchable database of science lesson plans from the Intel/ACE program.
Event-Based Science Home Page
Authentic tasks designed for middle school science.
Explore Science - Interactive Science Education
A very interactive site containing information and activities for earth, life, and physical sciences.
Downloadable science activities.
Fire, Weeds, and Riparian Areas
Bureau of Land Management activities for the classroom.
Fish FAQ
A site containing a tremendous amount of information and images of fish.
Frank Potter's Science Gems
This has a variety of resources sorted by categories including Physical Science, Earth Science and Life Science. It also has k-12 lesson plans designed by teachers.
Goddard Education Programs
NASA education programs and resources at the Goddard Space Flight Center, many of which are online.
The Guide Online: List of Titles
Mathematics and science reform resources.
HSA/CLG Reform Institute
Science lessons in Acrobat PDF format that are aligned with MSDE's Core Learning Goals.
Hello Dolly: A WebQuest
A performance assessment task on cloning of sheep.
In Search of Real Science
This website helps teachers make the scientific process "more real" for k-8 learners. It has a variety of lessons including Laboratory Exercises.
Life, the Universe and Everything
The name says it all.
Maryland Sea Grant Marine Education Materials
Interactive marine education materials that can be downloaded.
Metric Conversion in JavaScript
The Nanoworld Image Gallery
The National Association of Biology Teachers
The Nature Conservancy
Founded in 1951, The Nature Conservancy is the world's leading private, International conservation group.
NetVision: K-12 Web Site Collections
This is a collection of links to various websites.
NCREL Science
A teacher's resource for authentic lessons and on-line lessons with supporting materials for a variety of activities.
Pitsco's Ask an Expert: Main Menu
A site that allows students to ask questions directed to scientists and other experts.
Science Resources
A website for science teachers to share tests, resources, and activities on Chemistry, Life Science, Biology and Physics.
Scientific American Frontiers
Teachers can search a series of PBS science specials hosted by Alan Alda. It includes copyright issues, transcripts, teacher guides, and interactive activities.
SeaWiFS Project - Homepage
Provides access into the background, status, and documentation for NASA's global ocean color monitoring mission called SeaWiFs.
SERI - Special Education Resources on the Internet
A collection of Internet accessible information resources of interest to those involved in the fields related to Special Education.
Smithsonian Education
Teaching resources, exhibits and professional development information.
6 billion Human Beings
A site providing information about populations and the world's population growth.
Virtual Whales (Computer Graphics, Visualization, Humpback Whales)
A site that provides information, images, and sounds of various whales.
The Weather Channel - Home Page
Transforming Ideas for Teaching and Learning - Science
A resource developed in 1993 to support schools in providing a state-of-the-art science instruction to K-8 students.
UPJ: Center for Mathematics and Science Education: Science Resources
This website has science lesson plans as well as unit lesson plans for k-12 learners. It has links to many areas such as Earth Science, Life Science, Physical Science, etc.
The Tree of Life Home Page
Information about phylogeny and biodiversity.
Taxonomy WWW Resources
Maryland Public Television