School Improvement in Maryland

Using the State Curriculum: Physical Education, Grade 7


Motor Learning Principles:

Physical Education:

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Standard 3.0 Motor Learning Principles

Students will demonstrate the ability to use motor skill principles to learn and develop proficiency through frequent practice opportunities in which skills are repeatedly performed correctly in a variety of situations.


A. Appropriate Practices


  • 1. Justify that skills will develop over time with appropriate practice.
  1. Assess and rate improvement of skills learned in an open or changing environment (open skills).


B. Corrective Feedback


  • 1. Investigate the importance of self-evaluation and feedback in the improvement of motor skills.
  1. Organize a practice plan, based on a checklist, to correct errors in skills to improve performance for self or a peer.
  2. Analyze and improve a combination of motor skills based on peer feedback.

May 27, 2009