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Using the State Curriculum: Physical Education, Grade 1



Physical Education:

State Curriculum Toolkit

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Standard 1.0 Skillfulness

Students will demonstrate the ability to enhance their performance of a variety of physical skills by developing fundamental movement skills, creating original skill combinations, combining skills effectively in skill themes, and applying skills.


A. Fundamental Movement


  • 1. Show fundamental movement skills.
  1. Demonstrate locomotor skills including walking, jogging, running, galloping, jumping, sliding, hopping, skipping, and leaping.
  2. Exhibit general spatial awareness and self-space awareness, using a variety of directions, levels, and pathways.
  3. Demonstrate the combination of non-locomotor and locomotor skills in coordinated movement patterns.
  4. Demonstrate proper techniques of take-offs and landings.
  5. Identify and perform movement skills of chasing and fleeing.


B. Creative Movement


  • 1. Show creative movement.
  1. Perform a variety of movements using the body to interpret a poem, story, or song.
  2. Move the body symmetrically and asymmetrically while maintaining balance in a stationary position.



  1. Demonstrate catching a self-tossed lightweight object such as: a scarf or a balloon.
  2. Use and demonstrate opposition with hand/foot when using underhand tosses and overhand throws.
  3. Demonstrate striking objects with various body parts and short handled implements.
  4. Exhibit maintaining balance on a base of support while changing body shapes.
  5. Display transferring weight from feet to hand such as: a frog jump or cartwheel.
  6. Demonstrate a variety of tumbling experiences.

May 27, 2009