School Improvement in Maryland

Using the State Curriculum: Music, Grade 5


Creative Expression and Production:


Standard 3.0 Creative Expression and Production

Students will demonstrate the ability to organize musical ideas and sounds creatively.


  • 1. Demonstrate the ability to improvise music through experimentation with sound
  1. Improvise countermelodies, using familiar repertoire
  2. Improvise vocal or instrumental music, using current technology


  • 2. Develop the ability to compose and arrange music by experimenting with sound and the tools of composition
  1. Compose, arrange, and notate music to accompany readings or dramatizations
  2. Create simple rhythmic and melodic patterns that show contrast: whole notes and whole rests, half notes and half rests, quarter notes and quarter rests, two eighth notes connected, sixteenth notes, and tied notes (4 measures)
  3. Compose and use traditional notation to preserve chordal patterns that enhance given melodies

August 6, 2008