School Improvement in Maryland

Using the State Curriculum: Music, Grade 5


Historical, Cultural, and Social Context:


Standard 2.0 Historical, Cultural, and Social Context

Students will demonstrate an understanding of music as an essential aspect of history and human experience.


  • 1. Develop the ability to recognize music as a form of individual and cultural expression through experiencing music as both personal and societal expression
  1. Describe how music reflects daily experience in North America
  2. Listen to, perform, and compare how music is used to celebrate holidays in various world cultures
  3. Listen to music examples from various world cultures and describe how form is used
  4. Identify and describe roles of musicians in North America
  5. Use oral and written language to describe aural musical examples as both personal and societal expression, and convey what those examples express
  6. Describe various careers in music and ways that they may provide personal satisfaction


  • 2. Become acquainted with the roles of music in the lives of people
  1. Listen to, explain, and provide supporting evidence of ways in which selected works from standard music literature correspond to specific historical events
  2. Perform authentic songs and dances from a variety of historical periods and world cultures, including some connected to general classroom studies
  3. Listen to and compare musical examples that represent styles and traditions from various historical periods and world cultures


  • 3. Explore the relationship of music to dance, theatre, the visual arts, and other disciplines
  1. Describe similarities and differences in the meanings of terms that music, dance, drama, and the visual arts have in common
  2. Describe ways to relate music content, processes, and skills with those of other subjects areas taught in the school


  • 4. Develop knowledge of a wide variety of styles and genres through the study of music history
  1. Listen to and compare music from various periods in music history, world cultures, and works written by exemplary composers
  2. Describe how specific instruments are used in a variety of musical styles and genres throughout history

August 6, 2008