School Improvement in Maryland


Score 3

The response demonstrates an understanding of the complexities of the text.

  • Addresses the demands of the question
  • Uses expressed and implied information from the text
  • Clarifies and extends understanding beyond the literal
Score 2

The response demonstrates a partial or literal understanding of the text.

  • Addresses the demands of the question, although may not develop all parts equally
  • Uses some expressed or implied information from the text to demonstrate understanding
  • May not fully connect the support to a conclusion or assertion made about the text(s)
Score 1

The response shows evidence of a minimal understanding of the text.

  • May show evidence that some meaning has been derived from the text
  • May indicate a misreading of the text or the question
  • May lack information or explanation to support an understanding of the text in relation to the question
Score 0

The response is completely irrelevant or incorrect, or there is no response.

Revised March 2006