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Functions of Algebra
Systems of Linear Equations - Standard Form
Functions of Algebra   .

  • Students will write systems of equations and find solutions to systems of equations.
  • Students will explain how they determined their solutions to a system of equations. Students will also justify their solutions.
  • Students will write equations in standard form and then graph the equations using slope-intercept form.
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Core Learning Goals
  • 1.2.1: The student will determine the equation for a line, solve linear equations, and/or describe the solutions using numbers, symbols, and/or graphs.
  • 1.2.3: The student will solve and describe if and where two straight lines intersect using numbers, symbols, and or graphs.
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  • Graphing Calculator
  • Student Worksheet
  • Answer Key
  • Additional Problems
  • .  Print Version: (Acrobat 39k)
    The print version contains all student worksheets and answer keys needed to complete the lesson.

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Calculator Skills
  • Setting up appropriate viewing windows
  • Graphing systems of linear equations
  • Finding the point of intersection of two equations
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  • Drill.
  • Systems of Linear Equations - Shopping - Incorporate group work and class discussions into the Lesson as students complete the Student Worksheet.
  • Additional problems - These problems are provided for you to use in any one of a variety of ways such as homework, an individual check for understanding, review, or quiz.
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  • Drill
  • Class discussion
  • Group work
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  • NONE
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