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Functions of Algebra
Linear Relationships - Slope-Intercept
Functions of Algebra   .

  • The student will use a graphing calculator to examine the association between the data points and equation of a linear relationship.
  • The student will write equations in slope- intercept form
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Core Learning Goals
  • 1.1.1: The student will recognize, describe and/or extend patterns and functional relationships that are expressed numerically, algebraically, and/or geometrically.
  • 1.1.2: The student will represent patterns and/or functional relationships in a table, as a graph, and/or by mathematical expression.
  • 1.2.1: The student will determine the equation for a line, solve linear equations, and/or describe the solutions using numbers, symbols, and/or graphs.
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  • Linear Relationships at Tasty Tacos (Lesson, Student Worksheet, Answer Key, Extra Practice Items)
  • Graphing calculators
  • .  Print Version: (Acrobat 42k)
    The print version contains all student worksheets and answer keys needed to complete the lesson.

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Calculator Skills
  • Enter data into a list.
  • Set up an appropriate graphing window.
  • Graph equations and data points.
  • Set up and examine tables.
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  1. Drill.
  2. Linear Relationships at Tasty Tacos - Incorporate group work and class discussions into the Lesson as students complete the Student Worksheet.
  3. Extra Practice Items - Students work together to complete the problems.
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  • Class discussion
  • Group work
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  • NONE
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