School Improvement in Maryland

Brief explanation on what all dropdowns are.......

Using the drop-down menus to choose how to view the Fine Arts Standards. Filter the Standards by Discipline, Grade Band, Artistic Process, and Anchor Standard. This format allows users to view and/or compare multiple Standards at once or view the Standards one at a time.

Brief Description on HOW TO READ THE STANDARDS

(See Image) Each discipline is color-coded to make viewing the Standards easier. Each Anchor standard for each Discipline has its own table. The top of each table includes the discipline, Artistic Process, Anchor Standard, Enduring Understanding, Essential Question, and Grade Level - this alligns with the National Core Arts Standards.The remaining sections of the table explain the indicators and expectations for each Anchor Standard organized by Grade Band. Each cell in this section has a code to help users navigate each table; for example, the code "l:P-2:1" corresponds to the "Indicator 1 for grades Pre-Kindergarten - 2," and the code "E:9-12:2" corresponds to the "Expectation 2 for grades 9-12."