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Beginning in the 2014-2015 school year, the data analysis/algebra and English HSA assessments were discontinued and those students will take the PARCC assessments.

The Maryland High School Assessments were end-of-course tests that students took upon completion of the appropriate high school level course. All students, including middle school students who took any one of four high school level courses, must have taken the High School Assessment after completion of the appropriate course. These courses included Algebra/Data Analysis, English, Biology and Government.

All students received a score for each test they take. Scores were reported for the state, school systems, and schools. Performance standards were set for HSA in the summer of 2003. Scores were reported as a percentage of students who passed the assessment.

Schools and districts were able to compare their performance to the performance of other schools and districts. They also compared the performance of subgroups within the school population to the overall school performance.