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The Formative Assessment/Assessment for Learning (AfL) Project is a Race to the Top initiative aimed at enhancing the use of classroom AfL practices. AfL is a continuous process that is embedded in instruction, not a test. Effective use of classroom AfL practices raises studentsí ability to monitor their progress and become active participants in their learning. This mirrors the portrait of students outlined in the CCSS College and Career Ready Anchor Standards.

This RTTT project is developing a comprehensive AfL Online Resource System that will provide teachers and school leaders with tools, resources, strategies, and multimedia examples of teachers and students applying AfL practices during instruction. Professional learning opportunities will include a menu of online modules, self-paced tutorials, and capacity for online learning community discussions. A suite of leadership resources will support both school and district leaders in scaling up AfL implementation.

This site is intended to provide information about the AfL process as well as updates and announcements concerning the status of the project. Use the toolbar to the right to access research surrounding AfL, past webinars, and many other resources for anyone interested in learning more about the project.

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