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Answer Key Mathematics Grade 7 Public Release Items - Released March 2009

MSA Item Number Answer Grade Objectives Assessed
1 B 7 1.B.2.a Write equations and inequalities to represent relationships
2 D 7 1.C.2.a Identify and describe the change represented in a table of values
3 ECR 7 2.A.2.a Determine a missing angle measurement using the sum of the interior angles of polygons.
4 D 7 2.D.1.a Determine the congruent parts of polygons
5 C 7 2.E.1.a Identify, describe, and plot the results of one transformation on a coordinate plane
6 C 7 4.A.1.a Organize and display data using back-to-back stem-and-leaf plots
7 7 4.B.2.a Analyze measures of central tendency to determine or apply mean, median, mode
8 C 7 3.C.2.b Determine the distance between 2 points using a drawing and a scale
9 D 7 5.A.1.a Determine the number of outcomes
10 C 7 5.C.1.a Make predictions and express the probability of the results as a fraction, a decimal with no more than 2 decimal places, or a percent
11 76 7 6.C.1.a Add, subtract, multiply, and divide integers
12 B 7 6.C.3.a Determine equivalent ratios