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Sample Item
Brief Constructed Response Item for Grade 3

Standard 2.0 Comprehension of Informational Text

Topic A. Comprehension of Informational Text

Indicator 6. Read critically to evaluate informational text

Objective f. Identify and explain words and other techniques that affect the reader's feelings

Read the article about toys from the past 'Schoolyard Toys'. Then answer the following.

Explain whether or not the words in this article makes these toys sound like toys you would like to play with. In your response, use information from the article that supports your explanation. Write your answer on your answer document.

Sample Student Response #1

Student Response

Annotation: The student responds that "words does not sound like the toy I would play with because back then they dint have good toy tittles." The student does answer the question and offers a reason for the response but does not reference the text. To improve this response, the student should select a specific toy and explain why the name for the toy and its description do not engender any enthusiasm for play. The student could extend the response by suggesting a more exciting name for the toy to show how that would be more appealing.

Sample Student Response #2

Student Response

Annotation: The student answers that the passage "is not persuasive and I would not like to play with these toys" and continues that playing with these toys requires "sit on the floors and roll them. Or spin them." The student concludes with an inquiry "what is so fun about sitting on the floor." The student does answer the question and minimally references the text with information about how these toys are played with stating a conclusion about the limits of these toys. To improve this response, the student should state specifically which toy or toys he/she is referencing. Next, text support should be more direct giving information about the actual play with the selected toys. Finally the student should expand the conclusion telling why "sit on the floors" would make these toys unappealing.

Sample Student Response #3

Student Response

Annotation: The student answers that "words did not make me want to play with these toys…because it had no exciting words in it at all." Next, the student gives an example of "a hoop" that is "boring" with "no decriping in it." The student concludes that adding description "big blue hoop with white poke 'a' dots it's exciting." The student does answer the question, minimally references the text, and completes the response with a suggestion about exciting words to describe the hoop. To improve this response, the student needs to reference the text giving information about the hoop. Next the student should explain why the information is boring and then explain why the suggested description is exciting.

Brief Constructed Response (BCR) Rubric

Print: Scoring Rubric

Score 3

The response demonstrates an understanding of the complexities of the text.

  • Addresses the demands of the question
  • Effectively uses text-relevant1 information to clarify or extend understanding

Score 2

The response demonstrates a general understanding of the text.

  • Partially addresses the demands of the question
  • Uses text-relevant1 information to show understanding

Score 1

The response demonstrates a minimal understanding of the text.

  • Minimally addresses the demands of the question
  • Uses minimal information to show some understanding of the text in relation to the question

Score 0

The response is completely incorrect, irrelevant to the question, or missing.2

Note 1:

Text-relevant: This information may or may not be an exact copy (quote) of the text but is clearly related to the text and often shows an analysis and/or interpretation of important ideas. Students may incorporate information to show connections to relevant prior experience as appropriate.

Note 2:

An exact copy (quote) or paraphrase of the question that provides no new relevant information will receive a score of "0".

Rubric Document Date: June 2003