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Sample Item
Brief Constructed Response Item for Grade 3

Standard 2.0 Comprehension of Informational Text

Topic A. Comprehension of Informational Text

Indicator 6. Read critically to evaluate informational text

Objective b. Identify and explain additions or changes to format or features that would make the text easier to understand

Assessment limit: In the text or a portion of the text

Read the article about toys from the past 'Schoolyard Toys'. Then answer the following.

What text feature could have been added to help a reader better understand the information in the section titled "Hoops?" In your response, use information from the article section called Hoops that supports your answer. Write your answer on your answer document.

Sample Student Response #1

Student Response

Annotation: The student answers that the use of "bold words" and "underlinings, pictures with colors". With those suggestions, the student shows an understanding of what text features are but does not adequately address the question. To improve this response, the student should be specific with the suggestion: What words should be bolded or underlined? What should be shown in a colored picture? Once the reader has indicated the needed specific text feature, the reader should explain how that text feature will assist with better understanding of the passage.

Sample Student Response #2

Student Response

Annotation: The reader responds that "underlining" is a needed text feature "Because some of this stuff is important" and "is explaining how to make something." The reader concludes that this will help because "at least some of this article is important." The student shows knowledge of text features with "underlining" and further points out that "underlining" indicates importance of an idea but does not ever reference the text except for the word "hoops." To improve this response, the reader should reference the text stating the words that require underlining, why those words are important, and how their underlining would help a reader better understand the passage.

Sample Student Response #3

Student Response

Annotation: The reader answers that they "should add pictures to show what they were talking about" and then supplies the example of a first grader not knowing "what a hoop looks like he or she won't understand." The reader continues that "decriping words" like "silver jacks or colorful jacks" or "big hoops or small hoops." The student shows knowledge of text features with pictures and supplies a reason for the addition of pictures. However the addition of describing words is additional information not text feature. To improve this response, a reader should focus solely on the addition of a picture of a selected toy, offer a reason for its presence in the passage, and explain how that picture would help a reader understand the passage. For example, if a reader includes a picture of a hoop so others will understand what a hoop looks like, how does knowing what the hoop looks like help someone understand the text.

Brief Constructed Response (BCR) Rubric

Print: Scoring Rubric

Score 3

The response demonstrates an understanding of the complexities of the text.

  • Addresses the demands of the question
  • Effectively uses text-relevant1 information to clarify or extend understanding

Score 2

The response demonstrates a general understanding of the text.

  • Partially addresses the demands of the question
  • Uses text-relevant1 information to show understanding

Score 1

The response demonstrates a minimal understanding of the text.

  • Minimally addresses the demands of the question
  • Uses minimal information to show some understanding of the text in relation to the question

Score 0

The response is completely incorrect, irrelevant to the question, or missing.2

Note 1:

Text-relevant: This information may or may not be an exact copy (quote) of the text but is clearly related to the text and often shows an analysis and/or interpretation of important ideas. Students may incorporate information to show connections to relevant prior experience as appropriate.

Note 2:

An exact copy (quote) or paraphrase of the question that provides no new relevant information will receive a score of "0".

Rubric Document Date: June 2003