School Improvement in Maryland

HSA: High School Assessment Program

In 2015 Maryland implemented the new Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) state assessments in English Language Arts and mathematics. The new assessment replace the High School Assessments in Algebra I and English 10.

Online Courses for Teachers to help students prepare for HSA

Online Courses

Resources to Help Students Prepare for HSA

Teachers may want to direct students and/or their parents to the following resources available to help students prepare for HSA.

Web Resources about HSA
Preparing for HSA
Maryland High School Assessments

Motivational Resources
Cost of Living Game
Be What I Want to Be


Practice Taking the HSA

Teachers can use the mini-assessments on the public release forms to help diagnose student strengths and needs. The mini-assessments are organized by the content standards identified in the table below. Items on the mini-assessments were on previous forms of the actual assessment and have been released to the public to illustrate how content might be assessed.

The mini-assessments include a combination of selected response, student produced-response and constructed response items. Correct answers are provided for the selected response and student produced response items. Scored student responses are available for the constructed responses.

After students complete the online mini-assessments, they will receive the results of their performance online by standard, expectation, and indicator assessed. Teachers must keep in mind and communicate to students that the items of these sample assessments represent varying difficulty levels, and each item represents only one way to assess an indicator. Therefore, scoring correctly on a particular item does not necessarily indicate proficiency on the indicator assessed.

Government Structure, Functions, and Principles 2013090807060504
Protecting Rights and Maintaining Order 2013090807060504
Systems of Government and U.S. Foreign Policy 2013090807060504
Impact of Geography on Governmental Policy 2013090807060504
Economic Principles, Institutions and Processes 2013090807060504
Skills and Processes 20090807060504
Biological Molecules 20090807060504
Cells and Organisms 20090807060504
Inheritance of Traits 20090807060504
Evolutionary Change 20090807060504
Interdependence of Organisms 20090807060504
Writing: Composing & Language Usage & Conventions A 200908070605
Writing: Composing & Language Usage & Conventions B 200908070605
Reading & Literature A 200908070605
Reading & Literature B 200908070605
Algebra/Data Analysis
Analyzing Patterns and Functions 20090807060504
Modeling Real-World Situations 20090807060504
Collecting, Organizing and Analyzing Data 20090807060504
Using Data to Make Predictions 20090807060504