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Lillian M. Lowery, Ed.D., Maryland State Superintendent of Schools

"Our teachers, our administrators, our parents, and our students are working together to move schools forward. Education is the cornerstone to Maryland's future, and I believe we're building a strong foundation for decades to come."

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Administrators share their perspective on how has helped them succeed.

My admin team and instructional leadership team use the website to:

  • understand the relationship between classroom instruction and student achievement as a prerequisite to clarifying the problem
  • look at how the subgroups must perform over the next three years in order to make the AMO
  • examine the trends for subgroups
  • study the State Curriculum to ensure we're teaching to the test (a good assessment drives instruction)
  • find schools with similar demographics who scored close or more, then use this information to have professional discussions
  • use the definitions and graphs for presentations to staff, parents, and students
  • examine the data for all our feeder elementary schools

This site has been instrumental! We will continue to surge forward as a professional learning community as long as we have the in our side pocket! —Lance Dempsey, Principal, Shady Grove Middle School

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Monitoring Plans

Access planning templates for discussing how best to monitor student progress.

Individual Student and Class Monitoring Template


Offsite links professional organizations and resources for school leaders.





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Online Data Course

Principals can find support in leading their school's improvement efforts through data-driven instructional decisions with this course.

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Data Explorer

Analyze interesting assessment data with this multi-media data explorer.

Data Explorer Bar Graph

How MSDE Calculates Graduation Rate

How Dropout Rates are Calculated

“The combination of three concepts constitutes the foundation for positive results: meaningful teamwork; clear, measurable goals; and the regular collection and analysis of performance data.”

—Mike Schmoker